About Javier Ayala

Javier Ayala is a leading professional focused on accelerating and scaling the impact of public and private sector actors committed to social change in emerging markets.

He is a specialist in economic inclusion: Inclusive Business, Inclusive Public Policies, Market access, Financial brokering and economic research; with an experience focused in economic research for development and development projects in areas such as: supply chain in agriculture (agribusiness: Andean cereals, trout, dairy, cocoa, peanuts, palm, and other products) and basic products and services for BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) consumers (Inclusive Business with Consumers: Financial services, including remittances, micro-transactions, micro-insurance, popular pharmacies, housing, sanitation, etc.).

Javier has been one of the leaders in the development, promotion and implementation of Inclusive Business in Latin America, and has assumed similar challenge in Vietnam and Asia since 2010 working with the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV).

He held leadership positions in private, public and development institutions and has been activate in the academic activity teaching in Bolivia at the Universidad Catolica Boliviana and the Universidad Franz Tamayo, and in Italy at the Universita degli Studi di Roma.

Javier is a graduate of the Universita degli Studi di Roma as Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation in Rome, Italy and completed his bachelors degree in Economics at the Universidad Catolica Boliviana, in La Paz, Bolivia, among many other specialization degrees in Inclusive Busines, ethnographic research, monitoring and evaluation, et. al.


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